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25 At Home Lunches for Kids

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These at-home lunches can be made in batches ahead of time or with leftovers from dinner the night before – perfect for distance learning!

Back in March when schools went virtual and our dining room table became ground zero for learning, never did I think we’d be back in the same boat come fall.

Parents are making the impossible decision on whether to send their kids back into the classroom this school year or to continue learning at home. Many parents are also juggling a full-time job on top of trying to help their kids through technology issues, questions on assignments and the never-ending snack requests.

If this is you – we see you. We’re in the same boat and there is absolutely no judgment here for whatever your decision is for the upcoming school year.

One thing we continued to do when my boys went virtual in the spring was to pack lunchboxes the night before. They assembled their bento boxes with their favorites and into the fridge they went.

The next day, whenever my boys were ready for lunch they could simply pull out their bento box and enjoy – no help from mom required!

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