bunches of bananas


  • Bananas are in season year-round.

Health Benefits of Bananas:

  • Bananas are rich in fiber, which helps moderate blood sugar levels and improve digestive health.
  • Bananas are also a great source of potassium, a mineral essential for health heart, controlling blood pressure and kidney health.

How to Select Bananas:

  • Look for bananas that have an even yellow color.
  • Avoid bruised bananas, or those that have been visibly damaged during the shipping process as they will ripen unevenly.

How to Store Bananas:

  • Store bananas on the counter or in a cool dry place for up to a week.
  • Unriped bananas can be placed in a paper bag to speed up the ripening process.
  • Refrigeration is not recommended because bananas are sensitive to the cold and may be damaged by cold temperatures.

How to Prepare Bananas:

  • Pinch the top of the banana and carefully peel back the skin before eating.

Fun Facts About Bananas:

  • On average, Americans eat more than 28 pounds of bananas per person, per year!