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Instant Pot Tips for Beginners + 30 Instant Pot Recipes

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Are you the proud new owner of an Instant Pot? Need help getting started with using it? We can help! Here’s a full guide of Instant Pot tips and Tricks for beginners. Plus, we’ve included a roundup of 30 healthy Instant Pot recipes to get you started!

The Instant Pot claims to do it all, but where do you start? Check out these Instant Pot tips for beginners and 30 healthy recipes!

Disclosure: This post contains Amazon affiliate links, which means we may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that we have recommended.

What Are the Perks of Using an Instant Pot?

The Instant Pot seems to be everywhere these days! This hot new kitchen tool claims to replace seven appliances and cook food up to 70% faster while using less energy than conventional appliances, making it perfect for busy weeknights. You’ll get that cooked-all-day taste in a fraction of the time!

As a busy mom with an affinity for hoarding, *ahem* I mean collecting, kitchen gadgets, this peaked my interest.

What Exactly Is an Instant Pot?

So, what is an Instant Pot? It’s a multi-use programmable pressure cooker that can be a: pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, warmer, and yogurt maker. (Yes, it makes yogurt!)

After receiving one as an early Christmas present, I put this baby to the test. And I have found a whole new world of amazing recipes to try.

The Instant Pot claims to do it all, but where do you start? Check out these Instant Pot tips for beginners and 30 healthy recipes!
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Before heading straight into the roundup of 30 Instant Pot recipes, check out this amazing guide from our friend Kristen of A Mind “Full” Mom. There, she breaks down everything you need to know about your new Instant Pot, including a description of every part, how to determine cook time, and her favorite Instant Pot accessories.

Instant Pot Tips for Beginners:

  • Your Instant Pot comes with a removable silicone ring that is placed on the inside of the lid and helps to seal in the pressure. Remove and clean this ring after every use. Make sure the ring is securely attached to the lid before turning the valve to “seal.” At this point, the Instant Pot will take 5 to 20 minutes to pressurize.
  • Refer to the Instant Pot cooking timetable when deciding on what length of time to cook your food.
  • There’s no need to defrost your food! Simply throw it in the Instant Pot and adjust the cook time as frozen food to prolong pre-heating.
  • High or low pressure? High is commonly used for most recipes and low is reserved for more delicate ingredients such as seafood and eggs.
  • Natural vs. quick release? Once the timer us up, the Instant Pot will switch to warm and will slowly lose pressure. If your recipe calls for quick release, simply turn the steam valve to its venting position. Keep your hands away as the machine will quickly release a burst of steam and lose all pressure in about one minute.

This might seem like a lot of information for one appliance. But I promise you’ll get the hang of it in no time, especially the more you use it!

Now that you’ve had your crash course in Instant Pot 101, check out our round-up of 30 delicious recipes featuring everything from homemade chicken stock, oatmeal, veggie-packed meatballs, soups, mashed potatoes, and more!

Instant Pot Recipes

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