Get ready for back-to-school with fun and nutritious sandwich on a stick ideas your kids will love! These creative lunchbox ideas are easy to make, customizable, and packed nutrients. Perfect for keeping school lunches exciting and healthy! The 2024 Back To School Campaign has raised $14,000 for the Foundation For Fresh Produce to support children’s accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to our amazing partners, like Nature Fresh Farms.

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Now that it’s time to head back to school you’re probably starting to think about what to pack in those school lunch boxes every day. Traditional sandwiches can get boring pretty quick so finding a way to keep lunches interesting is important. 

Sandwiches on a stick are a versatile way to make school lunch just a bit more fun. All of your traditional components of a sandwich are there; bread, meat, cheese, and veggies. Instead of putting them in between two large slices of bread, each component is on the stick! Any food served on a stick is going to be way more exciting than food not served on a stick, especially when you are a kid. 

Sandwiches on a stick are a healthy lunch that you can let the kids make themselves too! You may need to help with the slicing of any veggies depending on the age and experience of your kids. Other than that let your kids get as creative as they like with their sandwiches on a stick. We love getting kids involved in the kitchen!

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Health Benefits of Tomatoes

Tomatoes are packed full of antioxidants and nutrition. They are the best source of the antioxidant lycopene which has a ton of health benefits including reducing the risk of heart disease and cancer. Tomatoes contain vitamin C, which helps to boost immunity, vitamin A which helps your vision and boosts your immune system, and dietary fiber. 

Registered Dietitian, Chef Julie Lopez, says Hiiros tomatoes are a nutritional powerhouse, bursting with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Their lycopene content not only gives them their vibrant red color but also provides powerful heart health benefits. 

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Our sandwiches on a stick feature Hiiros tomatoes from Nature Fresh Farms, making them the hero of the lunchbox! Don’t just take our word for it, these tomatoes are so delicious that they just won the Good Housekeeping Award for best snacking tomatoes! They are a great addition to your kid’s back to school lunch boxes. 

You want to include produce in your child’s diet as often as you can, so make sure that your sandwiches on a stick include some! Snacking tomatoes, thinly sliced cucumbers, spinach leaves, and lettuce are all great options…and super easy to add! 

Even though sandwiches on a stick are a pretty versatile school lunch option you are going to want to have some recipes in mind to keep things interesting. Here are some back to school lunch ideas we think that you will love! 

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Ham and Cheese Sandwich on a Stick

Using whole wheat bread, ham, cheddar cheese, halved tomatoes, and lettuce, this playful twist on a classic sandwich is both nutritious and delicious. Kids (and us parents!) will love receiving these colorful, easy-to-eat skewers in their school lunchbox, making lunchtime an extra special part of the day.

Sandwich Kabobs Bento Box

If you are looking for a simple sandwiches on a stick idea this sandwich kabobs bento box is a yummy, yet easy one. While this version uses ham and cheddar cheese as well, you can make them with any type of lunch meat including turkey, roast beef, and pastrami. For the cheese you can switch it up by using mozzarella, swiss, or pepper jack. 

Pesto Antipasti Tortellini Skewers

Easy Pesto Antipasti Tortellini Skewers

These easy pesto antipasti tortellini skewers are loved by kids and adults alike! They are super easy to make and hold up well in a lunchbox, even if you make them the night before. The kids can absolutely put these lunches together by themselves, though you may have to help the younger one with the tortellini. Tortellini, salami (or your protein of choice), cheese, snacking tomatoes, and pesto (packed on the side) are all you need for this nutritious lunch. 

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Simple Chicken Bistro Box

This delicious simple chicken bistro sandwich on a stick idea is a lunch that kids and adults will love! All you need is some grilled or rotisserie chicken, some whole wheat pitas, sliced cucumbers, and some delicious tomatoes. Stacked on a stick, of course 😉 Don’t forget to include some ranch for dipping! 

Mini Burger Bites

Mini Burger Bites

Burgers for lunch? Yes please! These tasty bite-sized sandwich on a stick are packed with flavor and nutrition, making them an ideal option for lunchboxes, busy weeknights, or fun gatherings. Easy to customize with your favorite toppings, added bonus…they’re ready in about 15 minutes!

Looking for some additional ways to make Hiiros tomatoes the hero of your lunchbox? Here are a few more ideas for you!

How To Create a School Lunch Packing Station

Back to School Lunch Packing Station

As school heads back into session for a new year, encourage your child’s independence and life skills development by having them make and pack their own lunches. Set up a handy back to school lunch packing station. You provide the ingredients of course, and then encourage your children to make their own healthy lunches. Letting your kids decide what goes into their lunchbox each day increases the chances that they will eat and enjoy it! 

DIY Nachos Lunchbox

These DIY nachos lunchbox are sure to be a lunchtime hit! Tortilla chips, black beans, some Nature Fresh Farms tomatoes, cheese, guacamole, and lettuce are all you need. Plus the kids can make this lunch themselves. 

Pizza Pasta Salad

If you are looking for a non-sandwich lunch that your kids will love, try this pizza pasta salad! It’s delicious, full of flavor, and has LOTS of healthy veggies like tomatoes, sweet bell peppers, olives, and onions. You will also need some pasta, mini pepperoni, and cheese cubes. Let your kids help with putting the salad together and then have them pack their own lunches with this pasta salad and some fruit and vegetables on the side. Need some more non-sandwich lunchbox ideas? This post can help! 

Sandwich On A Stick Ideas

Be sure to check back our dedicated Back To School section here on the blog for even more amazing school lunch ideas, dinner recipes, and of course advice, tips, and tricks for the back to school season!

Do you make sandwiches on a stick for your kiddos? If so, what is one of your favorite combinations?

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