Are you looking for the best lunchbox for your child this back-to-school season? Here are the best lunchboxes for kids we have found. We have broken them down by age and listed why we love ’em. Happy packing!

Lunchboxes for Kids

It seems like just yesterday parents were listening to the kid countdown of how many days until the long-awaited start of summer vacation. Now begins the more somber countdown for kids- “how many days ‘til school starts?”

For some of us, it feels like summer break just started. For others, we’re counting down the days until our kiddos head back to school and we’re back on a normal schedule. Wherever you are on this spectrum, we have to face the fact that back to school is upon us!

School supplies are popping up in stores, back to school content is filling my Pinterest feed, and my kids are already seeking out this year’s awesome new backpack.

There’s nothing worse than shopping at a big box store the week before school starts. School supplies are scattered everywhere, decreasing your chances of finding cool folders that are also the right binder style. Stores and websites (thank you Amazon!) are stocked now for back-to-school, so check your child’s school website for back-to-school shopping lists, do yourself a favor, and beat the rush!

Best Lunchboxes For Kids

One of the biggest questions we get this time of year is, “What are the best lunchboxes for kids?” The answer is, it all depends on your kid! What types of foods do they like in their lunch? How old are they? Can food touch or do they need a separate compartment for everything?

We’ve rounded up our favorite lunchboxes and accessories to help you navigate the many choices out there and hopefully help you find the perfect lunchbox for your child this year and beyond.

Once you have found your favorite lunchbox, be sure to check out our Ultimate Guide To Packing Healthy Lunches.

The Best Lunchboxes for Kids:

If your kids are younger (ages 3-7), we recommend:

Bentgo Kids Lunch Box – ideally portioned for younger kids, this lunchbox is durable, leak-proof and easy to open for little hands. Plus, it comes in 3 colors – blue, green and purple!

OmieBox Bento Lunch Box – we love this bento box because you can store both hot and cold foods in the same container. With a removable stainless steel insulated thermos compartment, you can add your hot foods right alongside colder items.

PlanetBox Eco-Friendly Stainless Steel Bento Lunch Box – this bento box is easy to open for even the littlest of hands. With lots of small compartments, it plays well into younger kids desire for smaller portions and a more “snacking” type of lunch. While it’s not leakproof, we’ve heard success from fellow parents who use press-and-seal wrap over compartments with wetter ingredients to keep from leaking.

YUMBOX Leakproof Bento Lunch Box Container for Kids – a leakproof lunchbox with multiple compartments that kids will love. Simple to open with one latch and dishwasher-safe.

If your kids are older (ages 8 and up), we recommend:

EasyLunchboxes 3-Compartment Bento Lunch Box Containers – these lunchboxes are one of our all-around favorites. Perfect for kids of all ages, these bento boxes are easy to open and offer leakproof protection. As a mom, I even love these containers for myself. Parents need lunch too!

Bentology Lunch Bag & Box Set – this bento box houses 4 smaller containers for easy mixing/matching. We love to prep a few sides ahead of time and add them to lunchboxes in the morning for easy assembly. Lunchbox meal prep is a must in our house for easier mornings!

LOCK & LOCK Airtight Square Food Storage Container with Removable Divider – if your kid has access to a microwave to heat up food at their school, this container is microwave safe. It’s also perfect for dividing up smaller portions of food like fruit, veggies and dips.

LunchBots Bento Stainless Steel Food Container – if you prefer stainless steel lunchboxes, LunchBots are a great option. This bento box has 5 containers letting you add a variety of foods.

Our Favorite Lunchboxes Accessories:

5-Piece Sandwich Cutters for Kids – if your kiddo hates crust, or you’re looking for an easy way to make lunch extra special, these sandwich cutters are the best!

Bento Food Pick Forks – these adorable picks are great for younger kids to pick up smaller pieces of food. They also add a happy face when kids open their lunch!

Slim Reusable Ice Packs – an ice pack is a must for almost any lunch. We love this slim version that doesn’t add a ton of bulk to lunchboxes.

Silicone Cupcake Liners – If you’re looking for an easy way to separate ingredients in your kid’s lunch, these are the answer! Check out this DIY Nachos Lunchbox to see them in action.

Thermos Food Jars – During colder months, or if your child prefers a warm lunch, anything from the Thermos line is a must! Our kiddos love it when they open their lunchbox and see chicken zoodle soup or one-pot mac n cheese.

Condiment/Dressing Containers with lids – perfect for sauces, dressings and more. We love the whole line of containers from Sistema!

Vegetable Cutters – another way to add flair (and get kids to eat their veggies!) is to cut them into fun shapes! These smaller cutters make it easy to turn cucumber slices into flowers!

What is your child’s favorite lunchbox? How about your favorite lunchbox accessories?

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