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12 Must-Have Meal Prep Tools

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Whether you’re looking into becoming a serious meal-prepper or are just looking for a few ideas to make mealtime easier during those busy weeks, here are 12 essential meal prep tools to add to your kitchen.

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For the longest time, the thought of meal planning and prepping seemed like a daunting task. Some nights I can barely figure out dinner, so planning them out all at once seemed even more difficult…until I did.

Now, each week I sit down and write out our meals for the week and use that to create my shopping list. Since I’ve planned ahead, there’s only one trip to the grocery store.

As I’m putting away my groceries, I look ahead at the week to see what I can do now to help make mealtime a little easier during the week. Some things I do include:

It took me a few weeks to find my groove and now I never have to worry about dinner. It’s already planned, prepped and ready to go!

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Having a few meal prep tools on hand, like the ones below, can really make things easy too. Everything from containers to store chopped veggies to a slow cooker to cook that chicken are included.

12 Must-Have Meal Prep Tools

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  1. I am always running out of space to store our fruits and veggies!

  2. love fruits and veggies

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  4. Samples and entries

  5. love my fruits and veggies

  6. Thanks

  7. There are so many things that I could use, but the storage containers would be the most useful!

  8. I would like to win so I can make fun meal for my 4 kids and they will help me it be nice

  9. Some of the things they have for you young folk that have children makes me envious that they weren’t there when I was raising my two in the 70s and 80s. My granddaughter is getting married in May and they are wanting children right away so I hope she is as wise as you all are

  10. We love going to the kitchen and prepare health meals for the family. It would be great to win all the tools to make our time even more fun.

  11. I have always wanted to get a salad spinner…or two…one for food and one for art activities 🙂

  12. I could really use a mixer for baking with the kids

  13. I would love to win. All of it would help with my food prep for daycare.

  14. I love chopping veggies ahead of time! Makes cooking so much easier!!

  15. This would keep everything fresh. No more wasteing food

  16. awesome!

  17. How wonderful this would be! I don’t have much in my kitchen, it would be nice to have the right equipment to work with.

  18. Always on the go! Makes it a lot easier to bring snacks and meals with me!

  19. I always have a lot of leftovers and nothing to put them in

  20. We love fruits and veggies in so many ways
    I would love all these containers to store them!

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