Ready to pack lunches and have back to school snacks ready to go? Let us help! Here are 10+ back to school snacks your kid will love! The 2023 Back To School Campaign has raised $16,000 for the Foundation For Fresh Produce to support children’s accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to our amazing partners, like Crispy Green.

Healthy Back To School Snacks

It’s back to school season, and you know what that means…it’s time to get those back to school snacks ready to go. No matter how healthy, and filling a lunch you send them with, they are still snacking throughout the day and they certainly seem to come home starving!

In case you were wondering, it is perfectly normal for growing kiddos to come home from school starving, especially if they happen to be a growing teenager! Having a healthy snack at lunch, after school, before homework and after school activities can give them a recharge and keep them going. 

In this post, you will find ideas for healthy back to school snacks. You can use these for snacks after school or pack them in school lunch boxes. 

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Healthy Back To School Snacks Your Kids Will Love

Back To School Snacks Kids Will Love

Trail Mix 

Trail mix is a great back to school snack especially if you have kids with activities after school because it can be eaten on the go. You can even let the kids make their own trail mix with all of their favorites in it. Nuts, seeds, granola, freeze-dried fruit, yogurt-covered raisins, small crackers, and chocolate chips are all good trail mix ingredients. Check out these tips for building your own trail mix

Best Back To School Snacks

Crispy Green Freeze-Dried Fruit 

We love freeze-dried fruit at my house! It’s the perfect addition in your trail mix, use it as a topping for yogurt or oatmeal, or simply eat them plain! There are a lot of flavorful freeze-dried fruit options for you to choose from and you are sure to find one that your kids will love! 

Banana Sushi Rolls

These banana sushi rolls have bananas, strawberries, peanut butter, and shredded coconut rolled up in a whole wheat tortilla. This delicious treat is perfect for an after school snack, or for a school lunch. The best part is the kids can make this school snack all by themselves! 

Tasty Back To School Snacks

Healthy Apple Cinnamon Muffins

The back to school season just so happens to coincide with apple season, I think Mother Nature intended it that way 😉 That makes it the perfect time to make a batch of these healthy apple cinnamon muffins. Perfect for breakfast on the go, an after school snack, or packed inside of a school lunch box. If the kids are packing them in their lunchboxes you might want to consider leaving the frosting off. 

Ham, Apple & Cheese Wraps

Ham, apple, and cheese wraps are an easy healthy snack that the kids can make themselves. These tasty snacks are perfect for an after school snack or for packing in their lunch boxes. Who else just loves the combination of apples and cheese?! Looking for an extra crunchy twist on this favorite? Substitute apple slices for freeze-dried apple slices.

Dark Chocolate and Tangerine Bar

Did someone say chocolate? Ok, I’m in! A chocolate treat made with a combination of dark chocolate and freeze-dried tangerines. You might want to make a few of these chocolate and tangerine bars because they are sure to be a hit with the whole family! 

Easy Back To School Snacks

Easy Apple Banana Protein Cookies

Protein is an important part of keeping bellies full throughout the day and that’s why you will love these easy apple banana protein cookies. Kids can have these cookies for breakfast before school, in their school lunch box, or as an after school snack to keep them going until dinner. 

Rainbow Fruit Parfaits

Rainbow fruit parfaits are a healthy and delicious school snack that you can have the kids make themselves. We are all about empowering the kids in the kitchen! This is a nutritious (and pretty!) snack that everyone will enjoy. You could also make this in an airtight container and pack it as part of a healthy lunch! 

Starbucks Pink Drink with Freeze-dried Strawberries 

Do you love the Starbucks pink drink? My daughter definitely does! If you and your kids do too, you will love how it can be easily elevated with the addition of some Crispy Green freeze-dried strawberries. This pink drink will make a refreshing after school snack.  Click the Instagram image above to watch it being made thanks to Crispy Green.

Crunchy Peanut Butter and Fruit Wraps

If you are looking for a quick and easy back to school breakfast, lunch, or snack then you need to try these peanut butter and fruit wraps. You can make these with fresh fruit, but I enjoy using freeze-dried fruit for some extra crunch and you don’t have to worry about the fruit turning brown or being soggy. 

Avocado Berry Muffins

You might think that muffins are just for breakfast but they are also perfectly sized to be an on the go after school snack. The avocados in this recipe are full of healthy fat, and the berries will give these muffins a sweet and refreshing taste. 

No-Bake Granola Bites

No-bake granola bites are easy to make and customize to your family’s personal preferences. You can experiment with different types of nuts, dried fruits, chocolate or peanut butter chips, and honey. You could even use freeze-dried fruit as part of this healthy after school or lunch box snack. 

Back To School Snacks For Kids

Your kids are sure to love these healthy back to school snacks to keep them going through the day, through homework, during after school activities, and until chores are done and it’s time to sit down for dinner as a family.

What are your kid’s favorite school snacks? 

Snacks for back to school season

Parents! Looking for more tips on mastering the back to school season?