On this episode of the Healthy Family Project Podcast, we’re joined by Tony Castillo RD, a sports and performance dietitian who helps athletes perform at their best without fad diets and unnecessary supplements. Tony brought his expertise to the podcast to talk all things sports nutrition for kids and teens while dispelling a lot of popular myths. Tony shared tried and true nutrition practices, insight on what to eat before and after big games, and what to look for in supplements.

Sports Nutrition for Kids Podcast

We’re continuing our series on kid and teen sports with an episode all about sports nutrition. As a mom with a preteen and teen who have been active in sports for most of their lives, this topic is important to me and I learned a lot from Tony. Last month we had Dr. Rick Neff on the podcast to share tips to positively support the mental health of young athletes.

Sports Nutrition for Teens Podcast

This month we’re navigating nutrition for young athletes and how important it is to improve performance and ensure kids don’t burn out. Food is fuel and good nutrition practices will keep kids energized during practice and game days.

Sports Nutrition for Teens Healthy Family Project Podcast

Aside from sharing lots of great tips, Tony helped dispel a lot of common nutrition myths. Especially these days with the growth of social media, it’s very common to come across misinformation presented as fact. I love having experts on the podcast that lead with science, facts, and professional insight around topics like nutrition and mental health.

Sports Nutrition for Kids Healthy Family Project Podcast

About Our Guest, Tony Castillo

Tony Castillo is a Sports Dietitian and Nutrition coach who helps athletes and active individuals lean out and enhance performance without diets, endless supplements, or overhauling their whole life.

Tony’s journey began as an overweight middle schooler. This continued throughout high school until he decided to jump on a “diet.” Unfortunately, this resulted in unsustainable weight loss. His weight fluctuated in college due to a lack of nutrition knowledge, but this inspired him to understand how nutrition played a role in the human body.

Tony graduated from Florida International University in Miami with a B.S. in Biology, B.A. in Chemistry, and an M.S. in Nutrition and Dietetics. He is credentialed by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics as a Registered Dietitian.

Tony’s passion today is to teach others how healthy lifestyle modifications optimize performance in ALL areas of life. After working at the University of Florida and then with the Toronto Blue Jays, Tony focuses on helping you to become an elite performer. Being an elite performer in your field can take many forms, whether you’re a professional athlete trying to become an MVP or a recreational athlete not wanting to be last in class anymore. 

Tony’s plan is to teach his clients how to sustain their weight goals for life without counting calories or overhauling their whole life.

Listen to Sports Nutrition for Kids and Teens

What We Cover:

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See timestamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through to get all the great tips and tricks!

  • 2:44 Welcome, Tony!
  • 5:20 Nutrition practices to keep in mind when kids are starting sports
  • 8:00 Common misconceptions when it comes to sports nutrition
  • 13:46 Tips for what to eat on game day
  • 17:30 Supplement certification
  • 20:82 How to replenish after game days
  • 23:13 Mental health and sports
  • 31:35 What does a healthy family mean to you?
  • 33:35 Where to connect with Tony?

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