Want to know what your child is getting in their school lunch? Learn from school nutrition director, Jeanne Riley in Healthy Family Project Podcast Episode 88 on Debunking School Lunch Myths.

Episode 88: Debunking School Lunch Myths

Today we talk to school nutrition director, Jeanne Riley to debunk some of the myths around today’s school lunch and how families can learn more about what’s being served at their schools. 

Jeanne Reilly is an award-winning School Nutrition Director in Windham & Raymond, Maine. She is very involved in mentoring school nutrition directors as well as advocating for and promoting delicious and healthy School Nutrition Programs within her state and across the country. Jeanne is a co-administrator for 2 busy Facebook Groups:  Tips for School Meals That Rock, and Tips to Succeed, School Meals in Small Rural District, and she is on the Advisory Board for the Chef Ann Foundation and for Healthy School Recipes.

Jeanne is a mom, grandmother, and caregiver for her 100-year-old mother. She is a wealth of knowledge and deeply passionate about creating a healthier generation. 

Listen to Episode 88: Debunking School Lunch Myths

What We Cover

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See timestamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through to get all the great tips and tricks!

2:18    Jeanne’s intro

4:05   Jeanne’s background in food and nutrition and what she’s most passionate about.

6:08   How to make school nutrition about more than just feeding children.

9:23   The importance of introducing new foods in a cafeteria setting

11:54  Common myths about what school lunches today

14:53  Vegetables that encourage students to try something new

17:39  Importance of culturally inclusive food 

20:03 How to get involved in your child’s school nutrition program

21:15  Guidelines school lunch programs have to follow and impact

23:41  Surprising difference with school foods many parents don’t know about

24:50 Unique places you could source support for your school lunch program

28:04 Why it’s easier to try new things with friends/peers

29:50 How the mission of great school lunches influences the greater community.

32:18  One of the biggest goals with school nutrition and why it’s so important.

33:54 How the experience of having a treat has changed over time.

35:22 The best way to approach school nutrition change in a positive way.

Watch It!

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