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Hydration, Exercise & Watermelon: How to Stay Hydrated for Your Workout

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January usually sees a surge in new gym memberships, ads full of workout clothes or home gym equipment, and a “New Year, New You” motto.

Whether you choose to workout at home, at the gym or outdoors, and have an established workout routine or just starting out, a key component to a successful workout and recovery is hydration.

It’s important to hydrate before, during and after your workout to keep your body functioning well and to assist in recovery post-workout. Hydration goes beyond just drinking water, the foods you eat also play an important role.

My family is big into tennis, and even during the cooler winter months here in Florida we work up quite a sweat. My girls are also in dance and gymnastics so being active is part of our daily life. I know that when we don’t drink enough water or eat the right foods, our bodies suffer.

Why is hydration important for exercise?

Water is essential to a well-functioning body. When we exercise, we sweat. Sweating can lead to fluid loss, which can lead to dehydration. Even mild dehydration can zap energy levels and cause fatigue.

Muscles contain about 75% water, so when you’re short on water it can lead to muscle fatigue and cramping. Another sign of dehydration is feeling lightheaded or dizzy – not great if you’re running on a treadmill or hiking along a cliff.

Is water best for hydration?

We need to be properly hydrated to keep our muscles moving and to avoid fatigue, so drinking plenty of fluids (or eating hydrating foods) before, during and after a workout is key. Water is a go-to for many and will certainly to the trick to keep you hydrated.

Many also turn to sports drinks to refuel during or post-workout to not only rehydrate but also to provide their body with electrolytes. Are sports drinks needed? Our registered dietitian weighs in on what to consider before picking up a bottle.

Hydrating Benefits of Watermelon

In addition to water, there are also lots of hydrating foods – watermelon is 92% water! – that can help keep you hydrated and fueled through a workout.

In addition to its water content, watermelon also contains Vitamins A, B6 and C along with potassium, magnesium, thiamin and phosphorus to support whole-body wellness.

Snack on fresh watermelon and cucumbers, drink watermelon juice or blend frozen watermelon and fruit into a delicious smoothie. See below for more hydrating watermelon ideas!

10 Hydrating Watermelon Drinks

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