On this episode of the Healthy Family Project Podcast, we’re joined by Sarah Hester to discuss easy ways to use fruits and veggies and how we can eat more of them. Sarah is passionate about making produce accessible and enjoyable for everyone and she shares tons of tips to make healthy eating easy and doable even with busy schedules and selective eating.

Easy Ways to Use Fruits and Vegetables

How often do we set lofty healthy eating goals only to find ourselves reaching for the takeout menu or heading to the drive-thru? It’s totally normal for life to get in the way and to maintain a balance when it comes to mealtime. We’re here to say that eating fruits and veggies can be easy and doable even when life gets busy.

Easy Ways to Use Fruits

Listening to the podcast episode, you can hear Sarah’s passion for fruits and veggies and the steps families can take to make produce a larger part of family mealtime. Sarah shared a lot of great tips to make eating more fruits and veggies easy from tips on how to make them more visible so they’re not forgotten, how to enjoy them outside of the home, and ideas on how to maximize flavor.

Easy Ways to Use Vegetables Podcast

Sarah stresses the power of condiments, dressings, dips and sauces and how they can be used to make fruits and veggies more enjoyable. If eating fruits and veggies is easy and palatable, you’re more likely to keep eating them and cement the habit. A little creativity can go a long way to flavor your dishes and make mealtime more exciting, especially when it comes to exploring new cuisines.

About Our Guest, Sarah Hester MS, RD

Sarah is a Registered Dietitian based in North Carolina. She is currently employed by a wholesale fresh produce distributor where she works with local farmers and helps to manage their direct to consumer delivery programs. She also provides insight into their non-profit that works to not only make fresh produce accessible in their community, but also offers programming on how to grow and cook with fruits and veggies! Her passion as an RD is to make fruits and vegetables accessible and enjoyable for everyone!

Listen to New & Easy Ways to Use Fruits and Vegetables

What We Cover:

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See timestamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through to get all the great tips and tricks!

  • 2:51 Get to know Sarah!
  • 7:27 How can we stick to our goals of eating more fruits and veggies?
  • 18:20 How to plan ahead for healthy eating
  • 21:00 Tips to eat fruits & veggies outside of your home
  • 22:30 How to make veggies more enjoyable
  • 24:31 Ideas to make the most out of condiments
  • 35:00 How to use dips to eat more fruits & veggies
  • 46:18 Charcuterie and snack boards
  • 47:22 Sarah’s go-to busy weeknight dinner

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