This episode of the Healthy Family Project podcast is all about tackling the world of first foods for babies and toddlers. Kathryn Doherty shares tips to ensure kids are being exposed to the right foods, how to conquer struggles around baby foods and toddler meals, and ideas for baby food meal prep when you’re in a pinch.

The world of baby and toddler food can be overwhelming. With so many styles of eating from baby lead weaning and purees, to figuring out when to start solids and how to introduce new foods, parents are left with lots of questions. Today on the podcast, we’re sharing lots of tips and insights to help new parents easily navigate this exciting stage.

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What We Cover:

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See timestamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through to get all the great tips and tricks!

  • 1:16 – Meet Katheryn
  • 5:16 – How can we ensure kids are being exposed to the right foods?
  • 8:15 – How to get kids involved and interested in food and cooking
  • 11:00 – Resources for parents looking to learn more about baby and toddler eating
  • 14:58 – Healthy Bite Break Featuring Arctic Apples®
  • 16:13 – How to tackle common struggles around baby & toddler food
  • 21:32 – Meal prep and freezer-friendly meals for toddlers
  • 24:32 – What does a healthy family mean to you?

About Our Guest, Kathryn Doherty

Kathryn Doherty is a health and nutrition editor and a food blogger at Family Food on the Table, where she shares easy, healthy, family-friendly recipes for the everyday home cook. She made 100 percent of the baby food for both of her children when they were little and enjoys cooking with them in the kitchen now, making delicious healthy foods that they (most of the time) gobble up.    

Sh recently released a new cookbook, Healthy, Quick and Easy Baby Food. This cookbook is packed with everything you need to make homemade baby food, plus tons of toddler and little kid recipes that are yummy for the whole family.

Healthy Bite Featuring Arctic Apples

Today, we’re snacking on Arctic® Golden slices paired with tasty homemade fruit dips. We partnered with Arctic Apples® to share 5 Easy Fruit Dips for Kids that make snack time fun and nutritious. These dips can be prepped ahead of time and paired with Arctic non-browning apples that come conveniently pre-sliced for snacking greatness. No prep work required!

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