Tired of plain ole water? Making infused water is not only easy, but will also help you stay hydrated. This Strawberry Lime Infused Water is one of our favorites!

Strawberry lime infused water

The weather is starting to cool down here in Florida, finally 😉 We can wear our jeans and boots and enjoy the outdoors more! While I may be more active outside in the cooler months, I find that my water intake drops dramatically. Maybe it’s the cooler weather, so water doesn’t sound as good? I will be honest, I’m not sure! So, in these cooler months I find I need to get creative with my water to make sure I am getting in that recommended daily amount.

I make infused waters.

How to make Strawberry lime infused water

What is infused water?

Basically, infused water is flavored water that you make at home!

And it’s easy. So easy!

And since it’s winter, the first fruit I grab for is strawberries. Florida strawberries are in season right now!

Looking for a festive non-alcoholic drink to serve over the holidays? What’s better than strawberry lime infused water?! It is red and green after-all 🙂 You can use sparkling or non-sparkling water. For an extra punch of flavor, add in some fresh basil or fresh mint.

Strawberry lime flavored water

What to Look for When Buying Fresh Strawberries

A good strawberry will be bright red in color, particularly on the shoulder and at the cap of leaflets around the stem. The cap will be green, and the berry will have a distinct strawberry aroma. The flesh will be firm but not mushy, with an even sprinkling of seeds. Although large, showy strawberries are beautiful to look at, smaller strawberries are often more flavorful. Look for a strawberry with evenly spaced seeds along the bottom tip, and no dark spots.

If looking at a container of strawberries, discard any that are seeping strawberry juice, or contain strawberries with obvious dark spots, brown spots, or mildew. Often prepackaged strawberries will have the less desirable strawberries toward the bottom, so check the bottom of the container before buying.

What is infused water

Using Frozen Strawberries

Frozen strawberries are often a good choice when fresh is unavailable.  Although you may not want to use them as a topping for a strawberry pie, they are excellent when used in a smoothie, infused waters, parfait, baked goods, and ice cream. I often freeze fresh strawberries too! If you buy more than you can eat, freeze em!

How to make flavored water

What to Look for When Buying Local or Pick Your Own Strawberries

More and more farm cooperatives are including strawberries as local product offerings, and local strawberries are always fresher than their imported counterparts. Local farmer’s markets and pick-your-own operations are a great way to obtain fresh, flavorful strawberries in bulk for canning, preserving and snacking.

When picking your own strawberries, explore under the broad leaves at the bottom of the plant for the ripest selections. Strawberries will not continue to ripen once picked, so what you pluck from the vine is what you will be eating. Avoid bruised fruit, or fruit with white spots. Snip or twist the fruit from the stem above the cap. Never pull. Pulling the fruit bruises it unnecessarily. Container your strawberries carefully, and use them promptly to get the best benefit from their stores of vitamin C.

Strawberries will stay fresh and flavorful in your refrigerator for four days. Perishable by nature, they are best if eaten within a couple of days of purchasing or picking. Freeze or process any extra as soon after picking as possible.

Best Strawberry lime infused water

Did you know that strawberries taste sweetest at room temperature? So, before you enjoy your healthy sweet treat, take them out of the refrigerator and place then on the counter for a few minutes.

Strawberry Lime Infused Water FAQs

Q: How long does infused water last?
A: Infused water will last 2-3 days refrigerated in an airtight container.

Q: Can you use frozen strawberries?
A: Yes, frozen strawberries can be substituted for fresh in this infused water recipe.

Q: What are the benefits of infused water?
A: Infused water helps you stay hydrated while adding flavor and nutrients from fruit.

Q: What can you use instead of strawberries?
A: Other berries like raspberries or blackberries also work well in infused waters.

Q: Does infused water need to be refrigerated?
A: Yes, it’s best to keep infused water refrigerated to preserve freshness.

Q: Can you add herbs like basil to infused water?
A: Yes, fresh herbs like mint or basil can be added to infused waters for extra flavor.

Now, let’s make some strawberry infused water, shall we? If you are looking for more infused water combinations, we have a whole post with a printable for you to check out! Learn more about hydration and get infused water combinations.

Strawberry lime infused water

Strawberry Lime Infused Water

Tired of drinking water? Try this Strawberry Lime Infused Water recipe! It's easy and will help you stay hydrated.
Prep Time 2 minutes
Course Drinks


  • Strawberries greens removed, sliced
  • Lime sliced
  • Water tap or sparkling
  • Ice
  • mint or basil if desired


  • Place all the ingredients into your favorite glass or pitcher and allow it to sit for a few before enjoying. The longer the fruit gets the chance to sit in the water, the more flavorful the water will be. When adding fresh herbs, give them a little rub in your palm to help release the natural oils. We recommend mint or basil in this infused water combination.


How many slices of strawberry and limes you want to add is completely up to you and how big your glass is! The more fruit, the more flavor.
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