This episode of the Healthy Family Project podcast is all about tips for families with a diabetic child. We’re joined by Tampa blogger, Marisa Langford, to hear about her family’s journey with Type 1 Diabetes and how they made important dietary and lifestyle choices to eat more balanced meals and prioritize physical activity. Marisa shares some of the early signs of diabetes, advice for parents with newly diagnosed children, and her approach for balanced eating and encouraging her daughter to enjoy healthy foods.

Parenting a Child With Type 1 Diabetes

There’s nothing easy or simple about finding out your child has Type 1 Diabetes. In this episode, we sat down with Marisa Langford and heard about her family’s journey with Type 1 Diabetes and the dietary and lifestyle changes they adopted following the diagnosis.

Tips For Parents Of A Child With Type 1 Diabetes

Marisa’s youngest daughter, Shelby, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 8. This started a parenting and life-long educational journey that centered around healthy eating. This process can be very nerve-wracking for families and Marisa shares great tips to navigate the early stages of Type 1 Diabetes, how to not get immediately overwhelmed with all the medical jargon, and how to practice moderation when it comes to food.

Tips To Help Your Child With Type 1 Diabetes

Over the 3 years that Marisa’s family has lived with this diagnosis, they’ve learned a lot about nutrition and have been able to pass on these learnings to their kids in a palatable way while empowering Shelby to get involved the kitchen.

Tips For Parenting a Child With Type 1 Diabetes

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What We Cover:

Want to skip straight to a hot topic? See timestamps below. But of course, we recommend listening all the way through to get all the great tips and tricks!

  • 3:19 Meet Marisa!
  • 4:45 Early signs of diabetes 
  • 8:45 Advice for parents with newly diagnosed children 
  • 10:18 How Marisa’s family approached balanced eating
  • 12:22 The benefits of getting kids in the kitchen
  • 22:03 Family gardening 
  • 27:33 Marisa’s partnership with GoGo squeeZ
Learning about Type 1 Diabetes

About Our Guest, Marisa Langford

Marisa Langford is the founder of the Tampa Mama Blog, a blog dedicated to sharing the best places for kids and families around the city. She also writes about motherhood, family travel, and how to manage a household of 6. She is a working Mom of four, carefully juggling a full time career in experiential marketing, leading Girl Scouts and all the chaos that goes along with a family of 6. She has a daughter who is a Type 1 Diabetic and 3 children with rare medical conditions.

Marisa is a speaker, influencer, and passionate about all things mom. She partners with brands that share her passion for healthy living, on the go fun and family togetherness.

Marisa has been published by Huffington Post, Where Traveler,, the Today Show Parenting Blog, Trekaroo, Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine, and many others. She contributes to a variety of online publications and also appears monthly on Great Day Tampa Bay on WTSP New Channel 10.

Learning about Type 1 Diabetes and kids

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