Brighten your child’s day by adding one of these free printable inspirational notes for kids to their lunchbox! There are 16 to choose from that will keep them feeling good all school year long. The 2023 Back To School Campaign has raised $16,000 for the Foundation For Fresh Produce to support children’s accessibility to fresh fruits and vegetables thanks to our amazing partners, like JAZZ Apples.

Printable Inspirational Lunchbox Notes For Kids

Back to school season is upon us. This time of year can be stressful for kids. And let’s be honest, it’s stressful for us parents too! There are new teachers, new friends, new schedules, and maybe even new schools this time of year. Even if your kids are excited about back to school time they can still have feelings of anxiety about all of the changes the year ahead will bring. 

Free Printable Inspirational Lunchbox Notes For Kids

That’s what makes these inspirational lunch box notes so powerful. The simple act of placing an inspirational note inside of their lunch box or backpack where you know that they will see it can have a huge impact on their day.  Don’t forget to include their favorite snacks, like JAZZ Apples.

Printable Inspirational Notes For Kids

Finding an inspirational note during their school day lets them know that you are thinking of them. They are also an easy way to let them know that even if the going gets rough that you believe that they can handle it and get through it. 

Inspirational notes are perfect for those first few days of a new school year or at a new school. Seeing the note that you tucked in their belongings can make them feel calm and more self-confident about the day ahead. 

Lunch box Inspirational notes aren’t just good for the beginning of the school year though. They can also be used on test days, days with sporting events or performances, or presentation days for class. Actually, they are perfect for everyday…because who doesn’t need an extra smile now and again?!

Free Printable Inspirational Notes For Kids

Why do Kids Love Inspirational Notes?

Kids love inspirational notes for the same reasons that adults do. It lets you know that someone is thinking of you, even if you are away from each other right now. For kids especially, an inspirational note that they find during their time away from you lets them know that you care. 

Getting everyone out the door on time for the bus or carpool every morning is a stressful and busy time, and there is often not a lot of time for conversation. Slipping an inspirational note into their lunch box or backpack lets them know that you didn’t forget about the big test, or that they are going through a difficult time right now. 

Printable Lunchbox notes

How can I use Inspirational Notes? 

There are lots of fun ways that you can use inspirational notes for your kids. You can tuck them inside their lunch box, inside of their book bag, or in a textbook you know that they will be using that day. On the days you pack a JAZZ apple with their lunch or as a snack, I recommend using the cute apple inspirational notes 😉

Slip them into the book that they are reading, their pencil box, or inside of their sports bag where they will see it before the big game after school. Speaking of sports, not sure what snacks to pack for after school sports days? Check out these healthy sports snacks

You can use these inspirational notes of encouragement anytime that you want, but especially when you know that your child may be struggling with a difficult subject or just generally feeling down. A few simple words of encouragement can really brighten their day, and leave them feeling as though they are smart, strong, and capable…because they are! 

Inspirational notes for kids

Grab Your Printable Inspirational Notes

To use the printable inspirational notes in this post, simply print them onto printer paper, or if you would like them to be sturdier print them onto white cardstock. You might also consider laminating the notes so that you can use them for multiple children at different times throughout the school year. After they are printed, simply use scissors to cut them apart into individual notes. 

This printable set of inspirational notes includes 16 different cards and sayings. 

Printable notes for kids

Some of these include “You don’t have to be perfect to be AMAZING”, “Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you’ll land among the stars”, “Stand tall and be proud of yourself, you are AMAZING, and “Always believe that something wonderful is about to happen”. 

Back to school Inspirational notes

Leaving these inspirational notes for your children to find while you are apart doesn’t just lift their spirits, and make them feel more confident, it also teaches them to be kind, compassionate, and empathetic towards others. Don’t be surprised if you find an inspirational note for yourself left for you by one of your children! Kids take note of how receiving something unexpected during the day raises their spirits, and they may want you to feel the same way! 

If you find that your kids really love these printable inspirational notes of encouragement. They might also like receiving a lunch box joke to share at the table with their friends. Grab these printable lunch box jokes

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