Oven roasted vegetables are definitely an easy way to get a healthy flavorful side dish on your dinner table that your whole family will love. With little effort, and just a few ingredients, you can transform your family’s favorite vegetables to complement whatever your main dish is on any given night.

One of my family’s most requested side dishes is oven roasted potatoes. I am almost always drawn to red potatoes because of their bright skin color and like to cook them unpeeled so that we are sure to get all of their nutritional benefits. The ideas are endless when it comes to seasoning your potatoes. Here are 5 different flavor combinations to inspire you to cook some up tonight!

  • Cheddar Dill Roasted Red Potatoes – inspired by the classic dill dip, these are seasoned with onion, garlic, dill and celery salt then topped with just enough shredded cheddar cheese. Delicious!
  • Roasted Red Potatoes with Smoked Paprika – if you haven’t tried smoked paprika yet, you are missing out! There is nothing like the distinct smoky flavor it gives to dishes, perfect for potatoes!
  • Roasted Ranch Potatoes – serve these up alongside some baked chicken and topped with salsa.
  • Barbecue Roasted Potatoes – these potatoes just scream summer don’t they? Perfect alongside grilled burgers or hot dogs instead of fries.
  • Garlic Parmesan Roasted Potatoes – there is nothing better than the classic combination of garlic and parmesan is there? Add these to the menu next time you are grilling Italian sausage and peppers.