Smoothie bowls have been filing my Instagram and Pinterest feed the last few months, and after trying a one I know why. It’s a really fun way to get my girls to fill up on fruits and veggies at breakfast – and they love decorating their own before digging in.

Smoothie bowls are simple. Just mix up your fruits, veggies and liquid, then pour into a bowl and get to decorating with sliced fruit, nuts, granola or anything else that you love. The best part – it’s sort of like eating a bowl of ice cream for breakfast!

This handy Build Your Own Smoothie Bowl is a great way to get started. Pick out your favorite ingredients (or let kids pick them out!) and blend away.

Looking for smoothie bowl inspiration? Check out these great ideas:

Tropical Smoothie Bowl from Produce for Kids

Monster Smoothie Bowl from Holley Grainger

Mixed Berry Smoothie Bowl from Chef Next Door

Tropical Smoothie Bowl from Create Kids Club

Healthy Raspberry Smoothie Bowl from Driscoll’s

Healthy Raspberry Smoothie Bowl

Cherry Pear Smoothie Bowl from Produce for Kids

Tropical Green Smoothie Bowl from Spoonful of Flavor

Peach, Raspberry + Spinach Smoothie Bowl from Family Food on the Table

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