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20 Game Day Guacamole Recipes

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Are you pumped for the Big Game? It’s not a football party without the guacamole! When it comes to typical tailgating dishes, like fried buffalo wings, greasy chips and sour cream-based dips, guacamole is a healthier snack option that contributes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals!

Plus, there are so many delicious ways to enjoy guacamole. Here are a few of our favorite ways to enjoy guacamole:

  • As a dip to pair with your favorite chips or veggies
  • As a spread on burgers or hot dogs
  • To top off nachos or potato skins

How do you keep guacamole from turning brown?

Brown guacamole is a major flag on the play! Here are a few of our favorite methods for keeping your guacamole fresh and green:

  • Lime Juice – add extra lime juice to your recipe, or apply a thin layer to the top of your guacamole to keep it green!
  • Plastic Wrap – place guacamole in an airtight container with plastic wrap over the top (but under the container lid).
  • Water – place guacamole in an airtight container and smooth out the top into a flat surface. Add a thin layer of water and place lid on container. Before serving, simply pour off the water and give it a stir.

Check out these 20 delicious Guacamole Recipes!

20 Game Day Guacamole Recipes

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