Yes, you can eat watermelon rind! We are sharing how to prepare watermelon rind and different ways to enjoy it. Do your part and help reduce food waste, eat the whole watermelon! While this post is sponsored by the Watermelon Board, our love for eating the whole watermelon and doing our part to reduce food waste our own own.

Can You Eat Watermelon Rind

We all love watermelon, right? I mean, what’s not to love?! Watermelon is a delicious, hydrating fruit that is also nutrient-dense. But did you know that the rind of a watermelon can also be eaten?


is Watermelon Rind safe to eat

The rind is not as sweet as the flesh of the watermelon, but it has a crunchy texture and a slightly different flavor, in fact, it kind of reminds me of a cucumber-ish flavor. The rind contains vitamins and minerals.

Use the whole watermelon

So, once you get your watermelon home, be sure to make use of the rind too! When you use the whole watermelon you are reducing food waste and making more delicious food for you and your family to enjoy.

can you Use the whole watermelon

The trick to using the watermelon rind is just knowing how to prepare it. There’s actually a lot of ways to prepare and enjoy watermelon rind. About one-third of the food that is meant for consumption is wasted. How heartbreaking! It’s in those fruits and veggies we get vitamins, minerals and nutrients…we are supposed to be eating those…not wasting them! Just think of all that edible food that is sitting in plastic bags all over!

How to prepare Watermelon Rind

So, let’s do our part, shall we?

Uses for Watermelon Rind

The next time you’re slicing into a juicy watermelon, don’t toss the rind! Reduce food waste and use the whole watermelon!

ways to use the whole watermelon

There are plenty of things you can do with watermelon rind. The most obvious option is to simply eat it. 

ways to reduce food waste

Is watermelon rind safe to eat? 

The answer to this question is yes!  Watermelon rind is safe to eat – even the green skin!

how to use watermelon rind

How to prepare watermelon rind 

Watermelon rind is a versatile fruit that can be cooked and used in many ways. Once you bring your watermelon home, go about cutting it as you normally would…chunks, slices, however you and your family enjoy it most. But, stop there! Don’t throw out the rind! Using a knife (carefully) remove the green “skin” and set aside the watermelon rind (that white “layer” right next to the juicy pink flesh).

Watermelon Rind recipes

Here are a few suggestions on how to prepare watermelon rind: 

Pickle it – Make watermelon rind pickles out of the rind by using vinegar, water and spices of your choice. 

Add it to a smoothie or juice – Yep, just blend it right in! Simply cut off the rind, cut it into small pieces, and put it in a blender or food processor. Then, blend or process until the rind is chopped up and the juice is extracted. Strain out any seeds or fiber that may remain and enjoy your fresh watermelon juice! 

Make it into a refreshing watermelon rind slaw – We love these Baked Fish Tacos with Watermelon Rind Slaw

Turn it into jam or BBQ sauce – Try this Watermelon Rind BBQ Sauce. It’s perfect for all those summer BBQs coming up…and beyond!

Use it as a natural scrub – I mean, we use avocado and mangoes, watermelon is a completely excellent choice as well.

Cook with it – Try a stir-fry with watermelon rind, onion, and your favorite vegetables. Use the rind in soups or stews. Need some recipe inspiration? The Watermelon Board has a watermelon-load for you to look through. 

Make watermelon rind candy – Oh yes…you gotta try it!

With all the different ways to use the whole watermelon, be sure to try a new recipe and do your part to reduce food waste. Let’s Use The Whole Watermelon!

Have you ever had watermelon rind?

best Watermelon Rind recipes

How will you enjoy watermelon rind next?