Summer Activities for KidsHello, summer break! My girls are out of school and we finally get a little break from quizzes, homework, and school projects. Bring on the pool parties and beach days! Of course, not every day will be an adventure and while I do have several week-long camps booked throughout the summer for my girls, there are still plenty of days where they will be home or at the office with me.

It’s important to me to keep them entertained and fueled throughout the summer months. School may be out, but they’re still dancing, playing tennis, swimming and more, so having healthy snacks on hand is just as important as having activities to keep them occupied.

Here are some of my favorite activities and snacks for summer:


  • Podcasts for Kids: Summer may be here, but the kids aren’t free from chores. I’ve got a list of things for them to do every day around the house. They complain about getting bored, so I’ve discovered podcasts for kids and let them listen while doing their housework. Check out these awesome podcasts for kids featuring everything from science, fiction, history, and age-appropriate stories.
  • Rainy Day Indoor Activities: Unfortunately, not every day will be sunny and cloudless. To prepare for rainy days, we’ve stocked up on fun indoor activities to keep the kids entertained and away from screens. Check out our top 12 favorites indoor activities!
  • Summer Reading Challenge: Summer is the perfect time for kids to do lots of reading! My oldest started the Harry Potter series last summer and has been obsessed ever since. Check out this book list broken out by age group.
  • Summer Gardening: My kids love to spend as much time outdoors as possible and this summer I want to get them more involved with gardening. It’s a great way to teach them about science and give them a daily responsibility to water and check on their plants. Dr. Stephanie Smith shares her tips for planting a garden with kids. Get your little ones excited with these gardening tools for kids.
  • Family Camping Trip: Summer camping trips are a great way to experience nature and get away from screens for a few days! And contrary to popular opinion, you’re not limited to hotdogs and sandwiches. Our camping expert, Lesley, rounded up her top camping meal prep hacks and recipes.

Snacks Ideas:

With the kids being home a lot more than usual, they’re more prone to snacking and I like to keep healthy options in the fridge that they can make themselves with little help or quickly grab as we’re heading out for the day.

  • My kids are never ones to turn down pizza! This Easy Mug Pizza from Create Kids Club is ready in no time and kids can prepare it themselves in a few minutes using easy ingredients.
  • Round up the kiddos into the kitchen to help make granola energy bites. There are so many ingredient combos to try and they’re perfect to grab before heading out for a fun-filled day! Here are 20 yummy ideas.
  • Summer rolls are so easy to assemble, require no cooking, and keep well in the fridge. Use up leftover veggies to fill them and serve with a yummy peanut sauce.
  • I like to cut up all my fruit when I get home from the grocery store and keep a fruit salad in the fridge to satisfy sweet cravings. This salad is also great to pack before heading out to play outside or make a bigger batch for picnics and cookouts.
  • My oldest requests smoothies all the time! We like to prepare smoothie packs using this easy guide and keep them in the freezer. All she has to do is add to the blender with water, juice, or a nut milk and have a healthy smoothie ready in no time. No need to cut up any fruit or make a mess *mom win*
  • Homemade dips are the perfect summer snack to enjoy by the pool! Make your own hummus to serve with pita chips and sliced veggies.

We hope your family has an amazing summer filled with adventures and fun times with friends and family. Whether you’re going on a road trip or spending time at the local park, be sure to pack plenty of water and healthy snacks! Leave us a comment with your favorite summer snacks.