Skip the Chips, Add Crunch to Lunchboxes with Crispy Green

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Crispy Green. All opinions are our own.

We’ve officially been back to school for one week, and it’s been quite the adjustment from the lazy days of holiday break. After weeks of festive foods, desserts and a break from lunchbox packing, it has been tough for all of us to get back on track. I’m sure many parents out there can relate to the struggle.

One way I’ve been combating the holiday sweet tooth withdraws and helping myself get back into the lunchbox packing groove is by offering up Crispy Green Crispy Fruit. They offer a line of tasty freeze-dried fruit perfect for lunchboxes, snacks, breakfast and dessert.

Spoiler Alert: All pre-packaged foods are not bad! So, what exactly is freeze-dried fruit? Let’s break it down for you.

Freshly-picked fruit is cleaned and sliced, then frozen to below 0°F. Then the fruit is placed in a vacuum chamber that removes 98% of the moisture, before being inspected and packed for you!

Here are 3 Reasons to Add Crispy Green to your child’s lunchbox:

  1. Convenience. They’re packaged in single-servings to easily grab and go. Forgot to prep something to go along with that thermos of soup for lunch? No problem!
  2. 100% pure fruit, nothing else! If you turn the package over and look at the ingredient list, you’ll only see one thing: fruit. There are no preservatives, added sugars or anything artificial going on here.
  3. No wasted food. Don’t you hate it when the lunchbox comes back with a half-eaten apple? That won’t be the case here. These fruit crisps will be scarfed down by your little ones.

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Now, check out these simple and delicious lunchbox ideas featuring Crispy Green:

Deconstructed BLT Bento Box: Crispy Green offers the perfect “chip” companion to your DIY BLT Sandwich.

Kid-Friendly Lunchbox Empanadas: These empanadas can be made-ahead and quickly added to lunchboxes. Pair with Crispy Green for an easy lunchbox assembled in just minutes.

Out of the World Space Bento Box: Blast off to outer space with this fun astronaut-themed bento box. Since freeze-dried food is often referred to as astronaut food, it’s the perfect addition to this lunch.

Turkey Hummus Pinwheels: This is another great sandwich and chips lunch, but with a fun spin! The pinwheels offer a good mix of veggies and protein, which Crispy Green adds sweetness without a ton of sugar!

Sandwich Kabobs Bento Box: Here’s a fun spin to eat Crispy Green – add to your yogurt! Make sure to eat in a timely manner as the fruit will soak up moisture from the yogurt and rehydrate.

Visit to find out where you can purchase Crispy Green near you and snag a $1.50 off coupon! Don’t have a store near you?