Starting a new season is exciting for many reasons, one of them being the anticipation of a whole new crop of seasonal vegetables that are available and peaking in flavor.

Root vegetables are one of those categories of vegetables that can easily get overlooked at the grocery store or farmer’s market unless you grew up eating them often.

I personally did not become familiar with root vegetables (other than carrots, of course) until a little later in life and am starting to introduce my family to a variety of root vegetable recipes as often as I can.

I’ve loved finding new ways to cook them and incorporate them into family meals, but roasting them is definitely one of my favorite ways to prepare them because let’s face it, it’s incredibly easy to roast vegetables of any kind, especially on busy weeknights.

Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sweetness so it’s not necessary to fuss with them too much in the seasoning department, which makes roasted vegetables very family-friendly.

When shopping for root vegetables, look for those that are firm, bruise-free and ones that are smaller for a more sweet flavor. Store them in your refrigerator drawer in a plastic bag to maintain moisture. Most recipes will suggest you peel the skin off before cooking, but I personally like to keep skins on for extra nutrients.

Here are a few ideas on incorporating some seasonal root vegetables to your mealtime:


Carrots are as common as they get in the root vegetable department. They are naturally sweet and pair up nicely roasted with a variety of spices such as smoked paprika, chili powder, brown sugar, cumin or curry. 

Carrot recipes to try:


When picking out parsnips look for small-to-medium-sized ones since larger parsnips can become woody. Parsnips taste wonderful roasted, releasing a sweet almost licorice-like flavor that is so unique.

Parsnip recipes to try: 



Turnips are a member of the cabbage family and are high in Vitamins B & C. They have a slightly bitter taste so pair it up with a sweet vegetable or meat dish like sweet potatoes, onions or a glazed pork.

Turnip recipes to try: 

rutabaga on the shelf of supermarket


Rutabagas are quite similar to regular potatoes but slightly more nutritious and flavorful. They can easily be substituted into most potato recipes, so have fun with them!

Rutabaga recipes to try: 

For more tips on how to select, store and prepare your favorite fruits and veggies, visit our Produce Tips section!