30 Healthy Pancake Recipes Pancakes are the most requested breakfast item in my house. My boys love pancakes and over the years I have explored adding various ingredients to the batter: bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips and, surprisingly, corn, are our favorite additions. Regardless of what recipe I’m using, I usually have at least one of my boys in the kitchen with me. It’s important that they learn how their food is made and I’ve noticed that when they are in involved in making the dish, they are more likely to eat it. Even when it is a new recipe!

That is why I love Eric Carle’s Pancakes! Pancakes! so much. In the book, Jack not only learns how to make pancakes but he learns where each ingredient comes from. Jack goes to the miller for flour, to the farm for eggs and milk, and he even churns his own butter. The delightful story is a good way to show little ones the adventure their food takes – from farm to fork.

Here is a roundup of 30 of my favorite pancake recipes with a healthy spin.