Things today are hard. We won’t sugarcoat it – we’re in the same boat as you. Working from home while also trying to homeschool our kids, making 3 meals a day at home and spending little time outside. We’re all in close quarters and just trying to keep it together.

And that’s okay!

Some days we’ll feel like we’re finally hitting a good groove. Other days will be a complete mess. For some of us, we’re facing uncertain times with job loss, childcare issues or health concerns. We don’t have all the answers but we’re working to share as much helpful information as possible.

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Below, we’ve rounded up posts that we have that might be helpful to you during this time. Please reach out to us by commenting below or sending us a message on Facebook or Instagram if there’s additional content we can be providing to help you during this time.

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Snack Ideas for Kids

Tips for a Well-Stocked Pantry & Fridge

Activities for Kids

Tips to Get Started with Cooking & Family Dinners

Health Topics

Gardening Tips