Rambutan background

Seasonality of Rambutan:

  • Rambutans are available year-round.

Health Benefits of Rambutan:

  • Rambutans are high in fiber, an excellent source of iron and a good source of Vitamin C.

How to Select Rambutan:

  • Choose rambutans with intact skin and no breakage or leaks.

How to Store Rambutan:

  • Store rambutans in a plastic bag in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

How to Prepare Rambutan:

  • To eat a rambutan, peel off skin and remove the grape-like flesh. The flesh contains an inedible seed, so be careful when eating.
  • Eat alone or add to salads or desserts.

Fun Facts About Rambutan:

  • Ramutans are a relative of the Lychee and has a spiky red shell covering a sweet grape-like flesh. An inedible seed is contained within the flesh, so be careful when eating!
  • Rambutans get their name from the Malaysian work for hair, or “Rambut.”