Have you been Boo’d? What do you do now? Here are some fun and easy Halloween You’ve Been Booed Ideas to spread some Halloween fun this season. While this post is sponsored by Crispy Green Crispy Fruit, our love of Halloween, being Boo’d and healthier snacks are our own.

Easy Halloween You've Been Booed Ideas

Halloween is time for decorating, trick-or-treating, having fun with family and friends, and BOO-ing! Does your neighborhood BOO each other? Not familiar with being BOO’D? Booing is mysteriously dropping a special treat at the home of a friend or neighbor. It’s a fun way to get in the Halloween spirit and spread a little happiness. Because, let’s be honest, couldn’t everyone use a little extra happiness now-a-days? Especially when it’s delivered right to your front door!

Halloween You've Been Booed Ideas

What exactly does it mean if you’ve been BOOED?

You’ve Been Boo’d means that a friend or neighbor made a little Halloween gift bag/basket/box and delivered it to your door without letting you know. So, when you get home from work or school, or when you head out to the get the mail, you are greeted with a surprise Halloween treat.

You've Been Booed Ideas

When should you BOO a neighbor or friend?

You’ve been Boo’d traditionally starts in late September and goes all the way through to Halloween. This fun tradition dates back to the early 1980s here in the United States but now happens all over the world!

What does it mean to be Boo'd

How to Boo friend or neighbor

To BOO your friend or neighbor this Halloween season choose a decorated bag, or decorate one with Halloween or fall decor. You can make these or buy them. We found some on Amazon that were super cute and really affordable, so we went the easy route 😉 Our Halloween Boo Set includes 52 pieces of cards and strings with candy box set. This has 48 different design styles, each style comes with 1 paper box, 12 you`been booed double-sided printed tags with “we’ve been booed” printed at back, with colored strings. The box measures 3 x 5.25 x 11.25 inches. They are the perfect size for adding in some sweet treats, Crispy Green Snacks, Halloween pencils and even a little Halloween coloring book.

How do you have Boo'd Baskets for Halloween

My daughter likes to BOO everyone. Which, is great, but that’s why I like this set….the box is a little smaller, but there are a lot of them! That means we are able fill more You’ve Been Boo’d boxes and spread more Halloween fun without spending a fortune. Every Boo bag must include a sign that the recipient can hang in the window or door to let everyone know they’ve already been Boo’d. If you don’t get the set I mentioned above, you can make one, but you do need to include that cute sign! That sign let’s other’s know you have been Boo’d, so they can BOO someone else.

You've Been Booed Gift Ideas

The BOO bags should also include some Halloween instructions (which is included in the set we bought, again, I was going for easy!). If you choose to make yours, these are the things that should be included:

  • Let them know that they have been Boo’d.
  • That they are to choose a friend or two to Boo.
  • That they need to include treats, notes and a sign in each bag so that more and more people can be Boo’d.
  • Remind them that they should be sneaky when leaving it at their friends’ doors.

If you choose to make your own Halloween Boo Bags/Boxes, here are a few tips:

Consider using a reusable container, think of those cheap dollar plastic pumpkins or that Trick or Treat basket I used or even small Halloween treat bags. This way, each Boo recipient can simply refill the container and pass it along to the next friend. Most stores will have a container that can be used as is. However, if you or the kids are crafty, feel free to get creative and make them even more festive.

What to put in Boo'd Baskets

Treats Ideas for You’ve Been Boo’d Bags & Baskets

Halloween is filled with lots and lots of candy. So, when it comes to Boo-ing our friends and neighbors, I actually try to limit that. I mean, isn’t everyone’s house going to have more candy than they can possible consume by the end of the month? That’s why our You’ve Been Boo’d Bags have Crispy Green Snacks, Halloween pencils, that fun coloring book, and only a few pieces of candy. Crispy Green Crispy Fruit is 100% fruit. It’s freeze-dried deliciousness that you can feel good about giving your neighbors (and family!) this Halloween season….and beyond! They are the perfect healthy grab n’ go snack for your You’ve Been Boo’d bags. In fact, my daughter takes a bag of Crispy Fruit with her to school every day, it travels better with her than a whole banana…bruises less too 😉

What to put in Booed Baskets

You’ve Been Boo’d Gift Ideas

  • Crispy Green Crispy Fruit
  • Halloween Pencils
  • Small Halloween Coloring Books
  • Glow Sticks or Glow Bracelets
  • Small Flash Lights
  • Halloween/Fall Kitchen Towels – look at the dollar store
  • Halloween or Fall-themed candle – look at the dollar store
  • Silly String
  • Play Dough
  • Card Games – you can find these at the dollar store
  • Fall Stationary
  • Candy treats – just be mindful of allergies
Non Candy Halloween treats

Find Crispy Green Snacks Near You

Booing is a wonderful, neighborly, Halloween tradition. A simple bag or crafted container filled with personalized treats is sure to delight neighbors, bringing them together in this sneaky fall festive game.

How to make a You've Been Boo'd Basket

Have you ever been Boo’d? Will you be Boo-ing neighbors and friends this Halloween season?