• Okra is in season May to October.

Health Benefits of Okra:

  • Okra contains potassium, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, folic acid and calcium. It also has a high dietary fiber content.
  • Studies suggest that okra can help manage blood sugar levels.

How to Select Okra:

  • Look for okra with smaller pods around the size of your pinky or index finger and a bright green color with no blackened age spots.

How to Store Okra:

  • Store okra in a paper bag or wrapped in paper towels in the crisper drawer of your refrigerator.
  • Do not wash until you’re ready to consume.

How to Prepare Okra:

  • Reduce sliminess in okra by soaking in vinegar for half an hour before cooking.
  • Trim the stem end of okra, then prepare according to recipe.

Fun Facts About Okra:

  • Okra is commonly referred to as Lady’s Fingers.
  • Okra was discovered around Ethiopia during the 12th century B.C.