Close up of chopped honeydew melon


  • Honeydew melon is in peak season from August to October

Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon:

  • Honeydew melons are rich in Vitamin C, potassium and B Vitamins such as thiamine and niacin.
  • Containing about 90% water, honeydew melon can help keep you hydrated.

How to Select Honeydew Melon:

  • Look for honeydew melons with a waxy rind. The melon should feel heavy for its size and the surface should give slightly to pressure, bouncing back quickly when pressure is released.
  • Avoid melons with a fuzzy rind.

How to Store Honeydew Melon:

  • Store honeydew melons at room temperature.
  • For cut melon, store in plastic container in refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

How to Prepare Honeydew Melon:

  • Be sure to wash your melon thoroughly before cutting, so you don’t carry any surface bacteria into the edible melon flesh
  • Grab a knife and cut your melon in half, making sure to cut through the stem area.
  • Remove the seeds and cut melon in wedges.

Fun Facts About Honeydew Melon:

  • Cavaillon, a town in Provence, France, considers itself the world capital of melons.
  • The ancient Egyptians regarded the honeydew as sacred and it was only reserved for society’s elite.
  • A less common type of honeydew has an orange-colored flesh.