Ways to get outside and play this summer

Today’s guest blog post comes from our friends at Jump with Jill. Laura Brown, MS, RD stars as “Jill” in the Midwest Cast of the world’s only rock & roll nutrition show Jump with Jill. Meijer stores has featured the Produce for Kids campaign to bring the Jump with Jill show to Midwest schools. 

Summer is here, which means fun in the sun is now officially mandatory. Enjoy the warm weather while getting active outside for 60 minutes or more per day. 

Regular physical activity is important for many aspects of a child’s health. At Jump with Jill, we teach kids that physical activity strengthens the heart, lungs and muscles, which we turn into a song called the “Beats of the Body”. But there are many other benefits! Research also shows active kids to have better grades, a more positive outlook on life, and decreased likelihood of developing chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes.  

Summer does bring the heat, so as long as you avoid exercising during the hottest times of the day, wear sunscreen, and stay hydrated you are ready to get goin’.

Ways to get outside and play
  • Take a family walk through the neighborhood after dinner. This can be a great time to reflect on the day and communicate as a family. Plus, getting outside the house can help to prevent overindulging on seconds or dessert.
  • Start a family game night, but instead of playing board games inside, try active outdoor games. Experiment with different types of games, including sports like kickball, touch football, and baseball, or more classic games, like hid-and-go seek, tag, and red-rover.
  • Ride bikes to a local park. Many parks have trails that you can explore. And when you get tired, take a break at a swing set!
  • Create an obstacle course in your backyard. Spread different obstacles throughout your space, including jump roping, hula hooping, or bear-crawling, and then split your family in half and race to the finish line!
  • Do a walk or run for charity. Find a cause that is dear to your family’s heart and complete a walk or run the race together. Having a date to work towards will also motivate you through your fitness goals. Get active and give back – it’s a win, win!
  • Start a family garden. Gardening is a great form of activity and provides you with delicious produce. If your kids see their hard work turn into vegetables, they may be more likely to eat them!

Speaking of vegetables, don’t forget that active bodies need to be replenished with healthy foods. So make sure to keep an array of “Nature’s Candy” (fruit) and “Superpower Vegetables” on hand for your active family! Head here for a guide of What’s In Season.