Food Rx - Getting Healthy with Food

Helping Navigate the World of Food, Health & Nutrition

Healthy Family Project is teaming up with Julie Harrington, registered dietitian and culinary nutrition chef in a series focusing on the important role food plays in overall health, plus sharing kid-friendly recipes to add more fresh produce to your family's diet.

Meet Julie

Julie Harrington, RD, is a registered dietitian, chef, and author. She spent years working as a retail dietitian, working one-on-on with shoppers to make healthier choices at the grocery store. She blogs at, and is committed to helping people gain confidence in the kitchen to create nourishing meals. She is the author of The Healing Soup Cookbook, hearty recipes to boost immunity and restore health. She also loves teaching kids culinary classes to encourage healthy eating habits at a young age.

Her passion is to educate others about nutrition through food and giving them the tools they need to build confidence in the kitchen. She wants to help you appreciate all the delicious ways foods can be prepared so you can fall in love with it again and again.

Recent Episodes

Disclaimer: Before making any health or diet changes, please consult your doctor. The information shared as part of Food Rx is meant to be informative but not replace medical advice from your doctor.