b'Meet Our Registered DietitianHealthy Family Project collaborates with registereddietitians focusing on the important role food plays inoverall health, plus sharing kid-friendly recipes to addmore fresh produce to your family\'s diet."Think about ways you canadd more good to your(family\'s) meals. Maybe addsome berries to your morningcereal, colorful veggies likelettuce, tomato, and avocadoto your sandwich, andspinach to your pasta for anutrient boost! Small changesadd up to big health benefits!"Chelsea LeBlancHealthy Family Project Registered Dietitianchelsealeblancrdn.com@chelsealeblancrdnChelsea LeBlanc is a registered dietitian and a Publix shopper basedin Nashville. Chelsea works alongside Healthy Family Project tobring families inspiring and nutritious content. Learn more at produceforkids.com'