b'Easy Frozen Creamsicle Yogurt BitesINGREDIENTS DIRECTIONSWonderful Halos Mandarins 1.Place a piece of parchment paperGreek Vanilla Yogurt on a baking sheet that will fit inSprinkles the freezer.PREP TIME: 10 MINUTES 2.Peel the Halos mandarin andADDIOTNAL TIME: 60 MINUTES separate into individual slices.SERVINGS: 103.Place a big scoop of vanilla Greekyogurt in a small bowl.4.Dip each slice of the mandarininto the Greek yogurt, coveringabout half of the mandarin slice.5.Place the individual Halosmandarin slices on parchmentpaper.6.Add sprinkles.7.Freeze for at least one hour for asnack, overnight if adding tolunchboxes.'