b"Selecting, Storing, & Preparing PineapplesHow to select?Look for a pineapple that is symmetrical and heavy forits size. Look for crown leaves that are fresh and green.Sniff the pineapple, and pick one that has a sweet,fragrant smell. Ensure that the pineapple is free fromsoft spots. Del Monte Gold Extra Sweet Pineapples arealways picked ripe and ready to eat, so there's no needto wait to enjoy them.How to prepare? How to store?Twist the crown off, then Keep your pineapple incut in half, and then the refrigerator or anyquarters. Next, trim off cold, humid place. Itthe ends and core to won't ripen any further,remove the fruit from so try to enjoy it as soonthe shell. Finally, cut as possible.into bite-size pieces"