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Helping Our Military Kids

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Throughout the month of April we are celebrating Our Military Kids! Download the FREE Healthy Family Cookbook for delicious recipes, sign up for a military family exclusive cooking class and enter to win a prize pack through the coloring contest. The Produce for Kids campaign, in partnership with Military Produce Group & DeCA, has provided more than 66 grants through Our Military Kids!

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What We’re Making: Easy Kid-Friendly Snacks
April 19th at 4 PM EST
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Our Military Kids

Our Military Kids empowers military kids with sports, arts and other activities while their parents are deployed or recovering from severe injuries sustained in combat. Participation in these activities helps them cope with stress and build self-confidence during an otherwise difficult time in their lives. To date, our campaign has raised $20,000 to support grants for military kids.

“Wyatt struggled with his dad being deployed at the start of COVID. He was suddenly without his dad, school, and time with friends. Everything happening at once turned his world upside down. Wyatt didn’t let this keep him down long. He found creative ways to stay busy, and as soon as we had access to a gymnastics gym, we used the Our Military Kids grant to put him in two classes a week. This gave him something to look forward to and time with other kids when most things were still shut down. We’re so grateful for Our Military Kids!” – Amanda, Wyatt’s mother

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