Guest blogging today, we have Chef Jennifer Iserloh at The Skinny Chef to help us celebrate National Kale Day coming up on October 7. Here, she shares her favorite tips and recipes to get kids to eat kale.

Introducing kids to super nutritious foods, like kale, can be fun when you have recipes that attract kids like nuggets, chips, tacos, and guacamole!

Let kale chips be your “way in” to get kids who have never tried kale to gobble it up. They love the crisp texture of these chips and if you make them together your kids will not only get used to handling more greens but since kids tend to eat what they cook!

Kids tend to have more sensitive palates compared to adults, so go for milder kale options like curly kale and any variety of baby kale which is more tender, smells, and tastes milder.

Smoothies are another great way to make a kid and kale intro. I call this mango kale smoothie a “Shamrock Smoothie” when I make it for the kids. The sweetness of mango masks the vegetal taste of the kale. Mixing banana in smoothies also sweetens kale and improves the texture and scent of a fast nutrient dense breakfast.

When I used to work as a private chef, I learned that the easiest way to introduce kids to new foods was to introduce them gradually, along with other dishes they love. So if you’re doing Italian night, try adding kale to your meatballs instead of basil. For more nutrition on pizza night, serve a side of kale chips! For taco night, do a side of kale guacamole.

Cooking and sharing meals together is the best way to instill an appreciation of healthy foods as well as making them delicious!

Why is kale a top food for kids?

Kale is the most nutrient dense food around with a wide array of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C and A, iron, and folate in just one cup. Find out what’s in just one cup.

Does your kid have one or two bite syndrome? It’s one or two bites at the dinner table and then off to running around the dining room table? Sounds familiar? Well getting a little kale into your kids is the best way to pack in a lot of nutrition in just a few bites since kale is so dense.

Kid-Friendly Kale Recipes: