Did you know that Pennsylvania leads the U.S. in mushroom production? My corner of Pennsylvania is known for being the Mushroom Capital of the World! Around here, mushrooms are bountiful, always local, and each September we celebrate with a festival devoted to mushrooms.

I decided it was time to show my oldest son a little bit about the world of mushrooms and my good friends Tony and Joe D’Amico of To-Jo Mushrooms were happy to help out!

To-Jo Mushrooms is a family-owned and operated fourth generation mushroom facility here in Chester County, PA. They produce approximately 40 million pounds of mushrooms a year; offering both fresh and prepared products. Our tour started with the compost piles, took us through the mushroom beds, and ended with a peak at the machines that pack and ship to a grocery store near you. My son was fascinated by the process, especially the machines, and even promised Tony and Joe that he would try mushrooms at home.

The To-Jo Team was kind enough to send me home with plenty of mushrooms for a week full of recipes. I was up to the challenge! I sautéed them, stuffed them, and added them to omelets and salads. Thanks to a tip from Tony, I also added finely chopped mushrooms to my ground turkey meatloaf. The boys were none-the-wiser and my husband, a mushroom lover, thought it was delicious. Mushrooms will now be my meatloaf’s secret ingredient!

Mushrooms are low in calories and sodium, fat-free, and cholesterol-free, yet provide a ton of important nutrients and vitamins. Adding them to your favorite dish is a great way to get that extra serving of vegetables on your plate.

What is your favorite way to cook mushrooms? 

Visit our Produce Tips page for great cooking ideas from To-Jo and check-out the links below for more information about mushrooms:





Happy eating!