Produce for Kids recently had the pleasure to sponsor the #MacKidCooks Cooking Competition put on by Macaroni Kid. The competition called for kids chef to create a new recipe and enter for a chance to compete with other kids to be named the MKCC Champion. For us, it was a natural fit to partner with Macaroni Kid and our parent company, Shuman Produce, to inspire a future generation of young chefs with to get in the kitchen and create healthy recipes.

Matt, my youngest son, was the perfect companion to join me to the trip to Southhampton, NY to the Macaroni Kid Cooking Event. He loves to watch cooking shows – especially competition ones. Chopped, Guy’s DDD, Iron Chef – you name it. We watch the shows together, have fun debating who should win, and brainstorm what we would have cooked. When he was five I caught him picking 4 random items from the pantry that he was going to “make a creation with.”

It was an honor to sponsor this event with our friends at Shuman Produce and we were all impressed by the young competitors’ creativity, perseverance and excellent cooking skills! It was truly amazing to watch these kids work. Check out all of the kid chefs who completed.

The three younger chefs, ages 8 – 10, were asked to create a spring crepe dessert incorporating fresh berries. It was remarkable that these junior chefs were able to whip up such beautiful crepes so easily! Chiara, from Stratford, CT, won her division by making a vanilla crepe with Nutella whipped cream and a triple berry topping. Her plating skills were just as impressive as her cooking!

The trio in the older group, ages 11 – 13, were asked to make a wrap of some sort incorporating RealSweet® Vidalia® onions. The room filled with delicious aromas as the group got to work – you can’t beat the smell of sautéed onions! Aidan, a 7th grader from Wilkes Barre, PA and his spring roll dish took home the prize. We were amazed with how well he presented and executed such a colorful plate of food!

It was a pleasure participating in this event and I enjoyed meeting the junior chefs, their families and many local bloggers from the area. I have a feeling that Matt might have been inspired to enter the competition next year!

Also, over the course of the competition, we partnered with several local Macaroni Kids blogger to create their own healthy recipes using RealSweet® Vidalia® Onions. Check out their yummy creations below.