5 Ways to Inspire Healthy HabitsWe’re happy to welcome Kaci Komstadius of Sage Fruit Company for today’s guest blog post.  Sage Fruit Company is a sales and marketing firm located in Yakima, Washington. It’s owned by three apple/pear packing companies who joined together to deliver high-quality fruit to consumers.

Sometimes, it can be hard to get the entire family to adopt healthy habits, whether it’s eating right, or getting enough exercise. But, in order to be the most impactful, it should be something the family does together. Here are five ways to inspire healthy habits in your home!

  • Family Grocery Shopping: It might sound like a nightmare, and maybe it will be, but try it at least once. Encourage each kid to pick out one fruit and/or one vegetable they’d like for the week. They can start with something they know they like, but then encourage them to pick something they’ve never had before. Once you get it home, the entire family can enjoy it together while expanding their palates.
  • Embrace Kid-Friendly Packaging in the Produce Department: Kid-friendly packaging is not a bad thing; it’s one of the produce industry’s ways of competing with the junk food and candy aisles. They are meant to grab the attention of the young consumer and entice them to choose a healthier option. Worried about paying more for the characters? Don’t be. If you see a price fluctuation on your favorite produce item, it’s most likely due to the seasonality or availability of the produce item, and not the character on the bag or sticker.
  • Meal Prep Together: Packing lunches the night before? Have the kids help out! Let them build their own meal for the next day by giving them a couple of options for each food group. Or how about dinner? Maybe they can’t plan the entire meal, but perhaps a side dish? Or guide them through your planning process. If anything, have them in the kitchen to help cook for the family so they can see what goes into a meal. Not sure what to include in your meals? Check out the USDA’s MyPlate!
  • Find Activities To Do Together:  The whole family should get in on a healthy, active lifestyle; parents set the example for their kids. The Kids in Force program is a perfect opportunity.  In 2010, Sage Fruit Company introduced their Kids in Force program. Through this program, Sage encourages kids to make better lifestyle decisions by highlighting the importance of both nutrition and physical activity. The outline of the Kids in Force program is simple – Eat healthy, get daily activity and log your choices on an official Kids in Force tracking form. A point value has been assigned to both the nutrition and physical components of choosing a healthy lifestyle. The more positive decisions you make, the more points you earn! Once your points add up, you can redeem them for prizes. You can download your official Kids in Force program form here.
  • Make It Fun: Whether you’re eating well, or getting outside and exercising, it should be something everyone enjoys, not a punishment.